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Readers Respond: How Have You Dealt with Your Child's Acid Reflux?

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Updated June 15, 2010

In what ways, in addition to using medication, have you dealt with your infant, child or teen’s reflux? Share the modifications in diet and lifestyle that you found to be most effective.

Claudia's Story!

Oh boy do I hate reflux. My daughter is 3 months old and we just finally got her sleeping more than an hour each night at a time. We figured out a long time ago that due to the reflux Claudia could never lay flat on her back when she was trying to sleep, which was why it seemed that she hated the crib so much. With us, sleeping was Claudia's biggest issue and the lack of sleep made her miserable all the time (and me too!) We finally bought a Nap Nanny and moms, I'm telling you, this thing is sent straight from heaven. The first night Claudia got her Nap Nanny she slept through the night and still does! It is the answer for sleeping issues due to reflux. In addition to the Nap Nanny, we have had a lot of luck with Prevacid that was prescribed from our pediatrician. The combination from the medication and the Nap Nanny has made our Claudia a much happier baby!
—Guest Claudiasmom234

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