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Share Your Stories About Living with GERD


Updated July 29, 2012

What we do in our daily lives will often determine whether we suffer from heartburn or not. Perhaps you have learned how to avoid heartburn, or what foods cause heartburn. Sometimes our lives are affected by what our family and friends do when we tell them we have been diagnosed with GERD. There are several of these areas covered below, all of which will give you an opportunity to share your stories and tips, and see what others have to say.

1. What symptoms led you to your GERD diagnosis?

Heartburn is the main symptom of GERD, though some people diagnosed with GERD didn't experience heartburn. Symptoms of GERD can vary from person to person and can include hoarseness in the morning, difficulty swallowing, and a persistent dry cough.

When did you first suspect you were suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)? What symptoms prompted you to go to your doctor about it? Share your experiences with others. Sharing your symptoms could prompt someone else with similar symptoms to see a doctor when they might not otherwise.

2. How Did You Tell Your Family and Friends You Have GERD?

If you have been diagnosed with GERD, you have probably had to make some changes in your daily habits, including your nighttime routines, when and how you eat, and in the foods you eat. How did you explain your GERD so that family and friends could better understood your changes? How did you tell them about any restrictions you needed to make (e.g. what foods you can eat, no alcohol)? Sharing your experiences may help others find a way to discuss GERD with their family and friends.

3. How Did You Decide What GERD Treatment to Pursue?

Some people are willing to make extreme lifestyle modifications in order to get relief, while others would rather take a pill daily than give up their favorite foods. Some people are hesitant to take any medication, and would rather have some discomfort than be on medication every day. Others will take the cost of treatment into consideration. How did you decide on what sort of treatment you were going to pursue?

4. What is the Most Annoying Thing About Having GERD?

What is the most annoying thing about having GERD for you? For me, it is the food I have to avoid in order not to experience heartburn, some of which is food that I love. What has been your experience?

5. Do Family and Friends Support You?

If you live with GERD, you may have had to make some changes in the foods you eat. Perhaps you have explained your dietary changes to your family and friends. How have they reacted? Have they tried to support you and include some of your heartburn-safe foods when you dine with them, or have you had to bring your own foods to eat?

Share your experiences about how others have tried to help you, or were no help at all.

6. What Foods Are Your Biggest Heartburn Trigger?

You may need to avoid certain foods if you suffer from heartburn. What foods are your biggest heartburn trigger? How do you cope with food triggers? Any handy tips or food substitutions?

7. How Do You Deal With Nighttime Heartburn?

Nearly eight in 10 heartburn sufferers experience symptoms at night. But staying up all night to fend off heartburn isn't practical. Share your tips on getting through the night -- free of heartburn.

8. How Do You Eat Out Without Heartburn?

Just as at home, eating certain foods in restaurants can trigger heartburn. Are you able to eat out without heartburn? Perhaps you have learned what to ask for, or what to avoid. You can your tips here, or get tips and ideas from others.

9. "No Heartburn! How I Changed My Habits to Live Heartburn Free!"

If you have suffered from chronic heartburn, you know how it can affect your daily life. In many cases, avoiding foods that cause heartburn, making some lifestyle modifications, and taking measures to prevent nighttime heartburn, can help individuals live a heartburn-free life. Besides medications, what have you done that allows you to live with no (or little) heartburn? Share you stories or get ideas from others.

10. How Did You Handle Heartburn During Your Pregnancy?

Many women will experience heartburn during their pregnancy. Even when they have never experienced heartburn before, they may suffer from it for the first time while they are pregnant. That burning sensation in the chest and throat, and sour taste in the mouth, may become an all too familiar sensation.

Some women take medication recommended by their doctor. If heartburn was an issue for you during your 9 months, what other things did you do to avoid heartburn while pregnant?

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