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Sharon Gillson

Sally's Story

By May 16, 2007

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"I was diagnosed with GERD several years ago. Since then I've been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. Sometimes my acid reflux can be pretty severe. I try to watch what I eat, but it's hard when some of my favorite foods are on the "do not eat" list. I used to take prescription Prilosec, but after Prilosec OTC was put on the market, my insurance company refused to pay for the prescription. The problem is, Prilosec OTC doesn't work as well for me. And to top everything off, my doctor thinks I now have a duodenal ulcer. I hope I can find relief soon."

Points to Remember:
If you have an concerns about the medication you are on, whether it is working properly or effectively, or additional symptoms occur, you should discuss this with your doctor. And while what we eat is often the trigger for acid reflux, there may be other things we do that increase the risk of reflux, and changing how or when we do these may help in eliminating symptoms. Nighttime heartburn is a common problem, and a few preventative steps may help stop the reflux. Also, what we do before, during, and after a meal can contribute to acid reflux, even when we watch what we eat. Meal planning helps with this. Other lifestyle modifications are also helpful.


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