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Sharon Gillson

Sheila's Story

By March 16, 2007

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"I have suffered from acid reflux (GERD) for years. A few years ago I was told I had a hiatal hernia, dysphagia and IBS. Last year things started getting worse in spite of medication. I use prescription medicine and an over the counter acid reducer, but now the pain and acid in my upper stomach is almost constant. Sometimes a heating pad placed on my stomach will reduce the pain, but it always comes back. Eating lighter, watching my acid intake and drinking caffein free beverages helps too. I use a medicine called Equalactin for the bloating and discomfort, but it does not always work either. I'm not sure if surgery is an option for me because the doctor said the hernia was small, but the pain and excess acid makes me think otherwise."

Points to Remember:
If symptoms don't get better or they become worse, despite the treatment plan your doctor has given you, it is important to consult again with your physician. Continued or worsening symptoms could mean either the treatment needs to be modified, or there may be another underlying cause. Your doctor can work with you to decide what is the best treatment, and whether surgery (such as fundoplication) is an option for you.


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March 17, 2007 at 1:40 pm
(1) Lila says:

Please try the diet prescribed in “Fit for Life” by Harvey and Marilynn Diamond. It will probably help you soooo much! It is pretty simple, and you can still eat most foods, provided you do so in accordance with the principles outlined in the book. Good Luck!

March 18, 2007 at 8:10 am
(2) psioni says:

I have GERD too, for a couple years now, and last month my doctor decided to have me tested for Esophagitis. I had to do a barium swallow and xray of the esophogus. Fortunatly, the test was negative.

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