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Readers Respond: What symptoms led you to your hiatal hernia diagnosis?

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Updated October 10, 2010

From the article: Hiatal Hernias
Many individuals never experience symptoms before they find out they have a hiatal hernia. Other individuals visit their doctor with chronic heartburn that isn't relieved with over-the-counter antacids and learn they have a hiatal hernia.

When did you first suspect you may have a hiatal hernia? Were there symptoms that prompted you to go to your doctor? Let others know your experience. Sharing your symptoms could prompt someone else with similar symptoms to see a doctor when they might not otherwise.

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Its horrible hiatus!

I was always feeling nauseous, doctor subscribed me multiple tablets. I put on over 20kg in 6 mths. I started getting horrible pains in my upper tummy. Felt like a pressure ballon that wants to explode. Whenever i ate, it felt like it was sitting at the bottom of my throat. I really wasnt having a good time at all. Finally got a procedure done where they look down your throat with a camera, and what did they find, a hiatus hernia and gallstones. What a bang!
—Guest Lis

Hiatus Hernia

I was diagnosed with a Hiatus Hernia 2 days ago, the endoscopist didn't tell me anything about it, I Just know from my report that he gave to a nurse to give to me before discharge and I don't see my Gastroentorologist for another month and a half! I had a real bad sore throat yesterday which is understandable however today I have developed a very tight painful chest and can't take a full breath without pain... Wondering whether to go to Minor Injuries Unit or not... Was sent for endoscopy because I have similar symptoms to IBS however my 11th GP and 5th Gastroentorologist think that I don't exhibit most of the "very typical" IBS symptoms, I just get extreme pain, diarhea and constipation with no bloating / cramping.
—Guest Ricky


If I eat pizza or greasy French fries I have burning in my chest when exercise. Brisk walk brings on the burning. If I exercise without eating then no chest pain
—Guest Dave

hiatal hernia

i was diagnosed with hiatal hernia,last year few months after i delivered.the only symptom i have is upper back pain and it comes only after i eat spicy food,doc told me its a small hernia and i does not require surgery bt he said i have to be on on demad medicines....anyone can help me with this....is there any new treatment i can try....i feel stabbing pain in my upper back between the shoulder blades...helppp

I am fed up with this.

Hi all. I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia 3 years ago but now it is so debilitating i am going to ask for the operation. I have a sore throat, chest pain, pain in my ribs,palpitations, lump in throat, the list is endless. I recently had a cold and i am now left with mucus that i cant get rid off with a constant cough. Reading everyone's post makes me realise i am not alone. Get well soon everyone.
—Guest dorothy

Not so sure

I have been having symptoms.... 1. Ache or a heavy ball like feeling in the V where your ribs meet usually shortly after eating 2. Occasional nausea 3. Rapid weight loss 4. Loss of appetite I had a gastroscope and colonoscopy this week where they discovered a hiatal hernia. Anywhere I look I do not see my symptoms described for hiatal hernia. The diagnosis just doesn't seem to fit. Anyone else feel these same symptoms? Off to the doc again in a week. I just wonder if they happen to find a hernia and therefor that must be the problem. I've read that most people don't even know they have one. Any opinion would be great.
—Guest Kel

took months to diagnose

i started having tummy pains that spread to my right side since niv 2012 had ct scan xray endoscope was eventually diagnosed with hiatus hernia and liver cyst doc gave me various meds none worked, the pains have worsened i feel sick constently been off work for 3 months now i cant go zumba or keep fit its ben life changing im thinking of going private for an op because my doc will not refer me. .... I know several people who have never worked a day in their lives and they have had the op is this fair? i feel my symptoms have worsened but doc will not listen to me :(
—Guest bev brant

Similar Symptoms Thank you all.

I started out several years ago choking on my food, having chronic bronchitis, had EGD with Esophageal Dilation. Now 3 yrs later having vomiting, daily nausea, frequent vomiting and waking up at night feeling like I am aspirating on bile that is coming up into my mouth. I can hear gurgling fizxing sound in the back of my throat everyday all day. I dread going to sleep because laying in bed increases the nausea 10 fold. Nexium 2 times a day is no help. I am tired and my spouse thinks I am a hypochondriac. I am going to get an EGD, but am glad to see I am not losing my mind or making these symptoms up. It is just awful to feel so bad every single day. I fear like the one respondent that I am going to aspirate in my sleep. I have GERD and a small Hiatal Hernia but am concerned it has grownvas the symptoms have gotton a lot worse.
—Guest Sidney

Hiatus Hernia

I have had stomach problems for many years.been on zantac now on Lanzoprazole which is not helping,had an Endoscopy 3 months ago where they found I had a 5cm Hiatus Hernia,have Heartburn so bad worse at night.i had a barium swallow 3 weeks ago to see how much acid I had in my stomach, have to see consultant in 3 weeks time for results and to see what they are goin to do.
—Guest Mo


Yelp I know what all of you are going through. I just wish that someone would care enough to help us. There have been times when I am afraid t be alone because of my stomach pain. I also have had times when I am afraid to eat and times when I feel that I am going to die. I hate to hear the statement tat I need to lose weight because before I had this much weight I went to a doctor and he said that it would be okay and here I am still in pain feeling like a nut case.
—Guest lost and confussed

Diagnosed with HH

I have had problems since I was 15, now 20 years old. I have problems with not eating or drinking disgusted at the thought of it some days. When I force myself to eat a meal a day, which I struggle with, I constantly feel sick but haven't been sick yet, just boked a few times. End of may I was admitted into hospital for abdominal pain and pulling in my stomache and back couldn't move my arms without being in pain, real short of breath too. I had an ultra scan whilst in hospital which excluded gallstones. I had an endoscopy on 17 June 2013 and was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia. On one omeprazole a day, not too bad heartburn but when I get it it hurts to breathe... Still have pulling down. Centre if stomache and both sides, bottom of back, shoulder blades, wrists, headaches and constant stomache aches & nausea!! Give up with these symptoms because its getting quite annoying now. The report from the hospital said the hernia is 35-39cm. Is this a bad one? I've got no answers so far...
—Guest S'Louise

Any success stories?

Has anyone had success with curing a hiatus hernia? I've heard of success with visceral manipulation and wondering if it has helped anyone.
—Guest Dorothy

Hitius hernia

Hi all, well my story is a good one!! First off I don't smoke & not overweight! In 2006 I was 44, I had a funny do in work. At hospital I was kept in for observation, following day I was diagnosed with a heart attack. So on meds for two years treating it. 2008 kept having these funny turns & went to my dr. & asked for a second opinion, as convinced it was my heart. They did 2 tests,mangiogram & toe, both tests came back shock horror/relief, that I hadn't had a heart attack. Then, more tests for funny turns as presenting like Tia's. Saw brain, stroke, migraine specialists, brain cons. found some blood clots on the brain & couldn't tell me the cause & how long theyd been there. All came back fobbing me off with migraine. 2012 I turned 50 ill again dr. sent me for camera down & found, hiatus hernia & oesophagitis/reflux & gastritis! On omeprozole, probably aspirin caused it in the first place. 2013 now found out I have a brain tumour!! Hope this is closure on funny turns, still smiling xx
—Guest Karen

i know

well I am 13 year old and well I have been diagnosed with acid reflux for about a year!its the horrible feeling ever! you feel so sick and I thought I was going to vomit and I was afraid but I didn't! I have been put on zoton! and that helps! this morning I ate some chocolate and no I have been feeling so sick and yucky! help
—Guest dancie


some of these symptoms sound like mine....pain in upper abdomen under ribs moving to right side and around to my back with occasional shoulder pain. made worse by fatty foods and alcohol....ask for a blood test to rule this out
—Guest shelley

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What symptoms led you to your hiatal hernia diagnosis?

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