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Readers Respond: What symptoms led you to your hiatal hernia diagnosis?

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Updated October 10, 2010

hiatal hernia and gastritis

Well I suffered from bulimia since I was 13. I could never stop it. Slowed down as I got older and now I'm paying for it . Anyway I know that this is why I cannot get better. I had an endoscopy the dr. said I suffer from gastritis and a hiatal hernia. I went through excruciating back pain. It hurts more when I eat. The dr. gave me Vicodin. It helps but only for a short while. The worst thing I could do was add mayonnaise on my food. It's rich in fat so it's harder to digest, and there comes the pain again. It's not worth it your never happy so please avoid acidy chocolate or coffee.
—Guest lorena

hernia.wth gastritis

i just been throu an endoscopy procedure the dr. said ny body produces to much acid my stoma well, i was in a lot of pain so he gave me omeprazole 20mg in morning 20 mg at bedtime its working wonders,but you have to watch you eat definetly eo the pain will come back with revenge also have gastritis which makes it work .my dr said to me that the omeprazole two times daily will also benefit my hernia.by the way you can find omeprazole over the counter i hope i sent you some help. l.p
—Guest lorena

Had Lap Nissan but now it's come loose

Crazy as it sounds. I was told when I had the fundoplication that my problems were gone for good. Well...yes life has been grand being able to eat all the acidic foods like salsa, jalepenas, etc. This month which is about 7 years to the date, my hiatal hernia is back..it came loose. I don't know if I need to do surgery again. Solid food stops at the base of my esophagus and stomach and sets there until it feels like it is dissolved enough to pass on down.

hiatal hernia

I found out about it when I was working at the call centre and I was losing my voice . The longer I spoke my chest was getting harder and sharp pains in both my chest and in my back . I could hardly breath . I was told by a lady at work to get it checked out , she had a hernia herself and seen the signs . I went got a chest x-ray and the hiatal hernia was there . What a relief , not all in my head . I wasn't faking it . I went on to the website and found the diet and have been eating heartburn free food ever since and have been feeling great but no coffee ,tea , chocolate , soft drinks , tomatoes and fatty foods , it is worth it and I have lost 15 pounds and have been at work and not losing my voice again.

Hiatal Hernia and all the works.

I have a hiatal hernia. It makes me have numerous problems. Heart, breathing, GERD, vision problems, faintness, etc. A hiatal hernia can mess with your vagus nevre and cause ALL kinds of problems. Take my advice and research the relations of the two conditions.
—Guest Sonia96

...continued I'm not a hypochondriac!

Findings: My voice box was fusing together meaning I could not reach my ' high notes'( my voice was getting deeper) I also had a hiatus hernia and a narrowing of the eusophocus! I am on lanzoprazole now ( acid blocker) and all my aforementioned symptoms have gone! Yeh! My acid reflux was so bad and so prolonged  that I didn't even feel it anymore while it silently burned and burned! It was through my own research that I learned about barrets syndrome and the possibility of that turning cancerous! Nobody cared to tell me that! My advice for anyone who has had bad acid reflux is to get it sorted early.  I'd like to add that I also had problems with my breathing, heart palpitations, lymph nodes swollen and a sensation of  there being a water bubble in my chest.  None of these were examined further and so i cannot say there are linked with the acid problem but I think they are all related. So just keep an eye on those symptoms as through research I have seen that both heart and lungs can b
—Guest Marie

This helps instantly

You know the symptoms-- the minute you recognize the saliva or that tightness in your throat, grab a spoonful of sugar. Any kind- white sugar, brown sugar, a pack of sugar on the table at the restaurant. Get a good spoonful into your mouth on top of your tongue. Don't swallow it, just let it melt in your mouth and go down your throat. I don't know why the sugar seems to relax everything. Within a short time you will feel normal again and can even finish your meal. You might have to have another spoonful of sugar during the meal. But you will be able to finish eating. Go slow, stay relaxed if you can. In the middle of an attack, a stranger ran up to my elderly dad and handed him a pack of sugar off the table. My dad did what he told him to do, has been forever grateful. I suffer from the same problem- this is a life saver. Hard candy is NOT interchangeable nor is honey or maple syrup. Plain old sugar is what works. This isn't a cure but it stops the attack instantly.
—Guest rb

I'm not a hypochondriac!!! I'm not!

I have had what i always called indigestion, acid coming up and burning my throat, but I got used to it. One day after I ate a chicken korma and rice dinner I has a hardness in my chest and I thought I could not breath. I was beating my chest and frantically walking around to  try to 'free' up my chest . I assumed I had some allergic reaction to the sauce so I just avoided it but this reaction happened again much later and also i began to cough    a lot especially after food.  There was a lot of phlegm So I began to think i was allergic to food!  Finally after 2 years of constantly coughing and belching and then the odd panic attack when my food seemed to stick in my chest, my poor husband had enough and insisted I go to the doctor. But it was only when I had a particular bad 'episode' and actually was vomiting when it passed that I relented and went. Long story short after the initial look into my throat, I had a barium swallow then endoscopy.
—Guest Marie

laparoscopic fundoplication

I recently had surgery. The aftermath has been miserable for 3 weeks. Hope it will improve. People with apthous ulcers in the mouth should consider possible gluten intolerance. The severe bloating, acid reflux, choking and difficulty swallowing are all too familiar. MD's patent recommendation tell you to lose weight - what a laugh! Upper endoscopy and swallowing studies finally led to the surgeon as a last resort. I am glad I had the surgery because the reflux and chest pain have decreased significantly. Advancing diet from liquids has been slow. Small amounts amounts of pureed foods are rough.

small hiatal hernia coupled with anxiety

A persistently scratchy throat and a subsequent bout of anxiety-induced acute gastritis led me to get a gastroscopy. The finding was a "small" hiatal hernia -- a diagnosis the attending surgeon seemed to brush off as no big deal. I have had acid reflux that I mostly treated with Tums, and I have been overweight and have had central obesity, but I've been working to lose weight through diet and exercise. I've lost a lot of the weight -- my BMI has dropped from 30.7 to 26.0 and continues to fall. I'm 36 years old. I'm doing this in the hopes my hiatal hernia doesn't progress. My doctors believe my condition is worsened only by anxiety, and that if this is controlled, so will the GERD associated with the hernia. It could be much worse.
—Guest pissed-off

GERD/Hiatal Hernia

I have had stomach/digestion problems for at least 7 years now, and they've gotten progressively worse. I'm now on a vegan diet, and am avoiding coffee, chocolate, acidic fruits & vegetables, etc; I hadn't heard until recently that hot foods could set it off too! I'll have to start eating warm & cold foods and see if that helps. Anyways, I was recently diagnosed with a "small" hiatal hernia (whatever that means) but the doc said it's probably not related to my symptoms. I think he's wrong so I'm getting a second opinion. He has me taking Prilosec OTC for 6 weeks--I'm on day 5 and so far nothing has changed, but hopefully it will get better. A lot of people have mentioned losing weight but I've actually gained weight; probably due to the gluten free diet i tried for 2 months, which didn't help at all. Also, someone mentioned high-fructose corn syrup being an aggravater; I've noticed that pretty much all processed foods upset me; thinking about going all organic and eating just veggies.
—Guest Lexers

invasive surgery

I had a hiatal hernia for years but it gradually got worse. I had to have the old-fashioned invasive surgery rather than laparascopic surgery. It is called Nissen Fundoplication. I had my surgery about six weeks ago and so far everything seems to be OK.
—Guest paul foulkes

misunderestood / told i was bi -polar

I'm 4'8" tall , yeah I never grew! I'm 40 now n have become very sick , throwing up bile , waking up feeling drunk and developing sores on my body that I didn't know where they came from and would not heal. 7 yrs ago my stomach became so large when I ate anything I didn't know what to think , thought ok must b lactose intolerant, then in the past year anything I ate made my stomach blow up. I was in such excruciating pain everyday that I used pain killers and w that they made me not hungry, so I didn't eat, so then my stomach didn't hurt or blow up. but that didn't even work anymore, I finally went to a GI dr. and asked her to please help me that there was def something wrong. 1st came the constipation part , then finally today I had my endoscopy , diagnosed hiatal hernia , along with finding from my fam dr, I'm borderline diabetic n have extremely high blood pressure. So now I know why when I was a child taking a shower I could never see my feet.

Endoscopy for celiac disease

After my endoscopy for celiac disease (Negative) I was diagnosed with gastritis and hiatal hernia. I went on the anti reflux diet, lost 9 pounds and had lowered blood pressure . Yay! feel better on over the counter meds and not eating several hours prior to bedtime.
—Guest Guest gerd

Hiatal Hernia

Hi,I am 55 this year 2011. Was pretty active since 47 year old in jogging basically. Realized Chest Tightness in early 2008 and as time passed by, it got from bad to worst. Meaning that I am feeling heart burn almost the entire day. Could never have a good sleep, because I am awaken by the heart burn throughout my sleep. Eventually, I was diagnosed with " Chronic GERD", simply it burns up to my throat. Now, my throat is very sensitive to spicy, hot food and hot drink. There were time. I accidentally consume hot drink. My throat will suffer from chronic burning sensation for a few days.Did a few scope of my throat and confirmed there were redness which is an acid burnt sign. So, I had my 1st Endoscopy on April 2009 and on October 2009 I had a Endoscopy Bravo Test. Having slept elevated these days at almost 45 degrees. It improves a great deal,but I still experience chest tightness n throat burnt that causes me 2 wake up early. 2day, my 3rd Endoscopy confirms " Hiatal Hernis". What to do next????????
—Guest Francis Toh

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