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Readers Respond: What symptoms led you to your hiatal hernia diagnosis?

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Updated October 10, 2010

symptoms are worse

I have had indigestion for years and the Dr. put me on protonix. Tried that for a while but didn't help. GI doctor did a scope and found I had a hiatal hernia. I was told to take protonix twice a day. I think my reflux and indigestion are worse since increasing the medicine. Have tried this new dosage for 5 months now. I plan on going back to my doctor to see if there is anything else I can try.
—Guest Jane

hiatus hernia

Have had hiatus hernia for 10yrs but latety I have had touble breathing and a feeling of like my stomach is moving or curling and a feeling of being full, Have had heartburn and reflux for years but I think it has gone to a new level...any idea?
—Guest michael

gastritis and hiatal hernia

I had a endoscope done yesterday and was told that I have gastritis and hiatal hernia. I'm now waiting for biopsy results to determine whether surgery procedure called nissin fundoplication need to be done. I know exactly what all you are feeling...Sorry
—Guest dora


I have been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. I get the feeling of a lump in my throat but I also get a aching pain in my throat. I was really scared because I thought I had cancer. I still panic with the feeling in my throat. I'm seeing 2 specialists but I do find it affects my everyday life. I feel I cannot breath and that everything is tightening around my throat.
—Guest mary

2 many years

I have had a very bad cough since May of this year. I can not sleep as the coughing keeps me awake most of the night. I have been on meds for 2 years for very bad heartburn. I was just told that I have a hiatal hernia from taking that terrible Barium X-ray. I have been telling my Doctor that I have had pain in my chest for at least 2 years and thought it was my heart. I get sores in my mouth all the time. I also have a hard time swallowing my food. I am going to a ears nose and throat Dr. I am glad that they found out what I have because I thought it was in my head. So to all that have this I feel for you.
—Guest glenda

Paraesophaheal Hernia

About a week ago I went to the hospital sick as ever and after a nose swab it was confirmed I had the Flu. The cough I have had has been so severe it caused a Hiatal Hernia, mine is very painful, I can can eat very little at a time if I eat just a little too much it is difficult for me to breath mine is located right in the middle of my chest cavity and hurts to the touch, and just makes it difficult for seems like my normal everyday life. I will be seeing a specialist and having the God Awful Barium Xray done this week, so I will come back and let you know what the outcome will be on this. I can tell you one thing for sure it will get fixed it is not comfortable for me, when you are 5'7 and weigh only 110 you can not afford to lose anymore weight and that is what is going on everyday its here.
—Guest Laura Caudle

something stuck in my throat?

I've had this problem ever since I was 15. Symptoms were worse back then. I learned to change my bad eating habits, but now that I'm 34 yrs. old I now feel like something is stuck in my throat. Funny thing is I was eating chicken that was very dry and got stuck in my throat and I forced it down. I thought maybe it was that but my Dr. said it was my Hiatal Hernia. I don't know what to believe. I'm very concerned. =(
—Guest Emma S,

Really hard time

About 3 months ago I started feeling like something was stuck in my throat and I was afraid to eat, I went to see a gastroenterologist. I had an endoscopy he stretched my esophagus and found hiatal hernia, gastritis and infection in my esophagus from all the tums I used to take 10 to 15 a day for heartburn, It's been already a month since the procedure, A week after that I was exactly the same and that feeling that the food was in my throat scare me but my doc gave me some pills for spasms and I'm doing much better now. I take one before I eat and the food goes smoothly. Finally that lump sensation is going and chewing gum also helps or throat lozenges. I had notice that when I had that feeling in my throat and I have those lozenges, it goes away, Since this started I lost 22lb but in the last week I gain 2 and every day I eat a little better. God help to all of you in this sad condition.

Hiatial hernia symptoms...

I turned into a "Dolphin Fountain" like you would see in the park. I would spew water/fluids all over the place after eating marinara sauce, wine and coffee. It happened twice at Italian restaurants and then I pretty much figured what was going on. It was scary. Bread would get stuck in your throat and then you would lose air and feel like you had to throw-up to relieve the pressure. It was very embarrassing and dangerous. Fortunately, I got on Prevacid once a doc diagnosed my GERD w/hiatial hernia. Now I am fine. I modified my diet a lot but am able to drink low-acid coffee and red wine on occasion.
—Guest QuailRidge


There was a lot of heartburn before I went to the Dr. OTC drugs worked but I didn't like to take them so much. After being diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, the dr said to just continue taking medication. I did this for about 6 months. but had some after effects from the drug. I found the about.com site and starting to change my diet. I have had no significant heartburn for almost 3 weeks. (Just by changing my diet.) I hope this continues.
—Guest trixy_cook

my symptoms have improved!

I had similar symptoms as yours, also have a hernia. I tried 3 things last week, and because I did them at the same time, cannot discern which helped me. 1) I drank 2-4 oz of aloe vera juice after each meal 2) on 3 occasions, i drank a full glass of water, then jumped down hard from the 2nd step of a flight of stairs - I found this crazy idea on a website, what a shocker if that's what actually worked! 3) I stopped my PPI medication cold turkey, and boy am I glad! See if any of these can work for you. Maybe try them one at a time and you'll be able to report which one actually helped you!! Good luck!


For slightly more than a year, I had this GERD symptoms, thought that it was my heart that's giving me all the unpleasantness, had 10 ECG's done at intervals including the stress test; the physician gave me the clear sign and finally diagnosed me as GERD and arranged for an endoscopy. After the scope test, the gastroenterology told me that I had this hiatal hernia and that it is linked to the GERD that I had been diagnosed earlier. Though there's no heart burn, I keep having the other symptoms as stated in the symptoms list under hiatal hernia.

I had symptom

About 2 wks ago. I was at the point where I could not eat anything. It would not go down. I felt like I had a lump in my throat constantly. So now I was scared and then went to the doctor. She ordered a barium swollow and then I was diagnosed with GERD and hiatal hernia. I have drastically changed my eating habits, have quit smoking (7 days today) but still get the lump in my throat. Wondering if it will ever go away. I have also lost 11 pounds since changing the diet... But wish the lump would go away. Cannot eat meat still either. Even if I chew it to a liquid. It give me the feeling something is in my throat or still on the way down. It makes me panic and then I have to get out and walk. This is definately something not fun and scary.
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