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Readers Respond: What symptoms led you to your hiatal hernia diagnosis?

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Updated October 10, 2010

hiatus hernia

i have had symptoms for years...fluttering sensation in chest..especially laying down at night..chronic cough and dry throat..chest pain..not heart related...burping ..ocassional nausea..regurgitating food...on nexium but not working..waiting for endoscopy
—Guest mark


I have just gone for surgical,because of the heartburn I suffered for quit along time,and my doctor advise was to go for it otherwise it may cause a thout cancer,I am okay.
—Guest Mandla

hiatal hernia diagnosis

I have been nauseas every day as long as I can remember. It has gotten worse the older I get, the nausea persists all day. Eating disgusts me, and when I eat in the morning the nausea makes me head spin. I would get terrible pain in my stomach, randomly it seemed. And with alcohol, only certain drinks, I would have an attack- the hiatus area would hurt so back the pain would go around and up my back and I thought I was dying. I described this to my doctor and he looked at me like I was crazy. I have always been a small girl, about 95 pounds so all my life people just blamed it on an eating disorder and didn't take it seriously. I finally had an endoscopy and was diagnosed, although my doctor still has not given me any information on what I can do for this yet.. good luck to anyone suffering similarly, not being able to eat is one of the scariest things and most people don't understand what that even means.
—Guest medusa

hiatal hernia and then some

i was just diagnosed with this hernia but for the last 8 years i will get symptoms of irritable bowel that instead of exiting the right way went to my stomach causing severe vomiting that would last for days. i havent really had a major occurances lately but today i keep burping that same nasty smell and vomited the same btw i hadnt eaten in over 24 hours. im scared becasue hospitals treat me like crap and i really pray for a "dr house" when i get to the hospital the only thing that stops the vomiting is delauded and phenergan but my pottasium levels are very low as well and kidneys shut down. someone please help.

hiatal hernia

For the pat year I have had terrile attacks which each time I ended up in ER by ambulance. horrible vomiting (yellow), I, get a terrible smell which only I can smell; also diarhea(yellow) , extreme pain in my stomach only, nausea. Before I call 911 I am unable to control my bodily functions. I've had every test imaginable except an endoscopy. Episodes last from a few hours to 4 or 5 days. My doctor holds up a 3 to 4 inch stack of tests and says "al this and still no diagnosis. My gastro.Dr. says I have IBS but meds don't seem to help with these attacks. I am a 74 year old female whose mother had a very painful hiatal hernia wo had surgery on it and was nee bothered by it again. My malady sure sounds like a hiatal hernia to me . WHAT DO ANY OF YOU THINK? None of my doctors have mentioned the possibility of thisis illness. During the attack I wish I weren't alive. I live in fear of its severity and am afraid to go on a trip ! Help!!!!
—Guest linda

After hernia surgery

Hi all, I had the surgery about 10 weeks ago because I had recurring lung infections, sinus operations and also asthma - all due to the hernia and also chronic heartburn. But now after the surgery I am having difficulty swallowing most foods. It gets stuck on the upper side of my stomach. It eventually has to come up because it doesnt want to go down. It is very painful and embarrising. Has anyone else experienced this? I have my 2nd follow up later this week so then I will hear what my doctor says.
—Guest SJ

Very large hital hernia

My hernia goes from my diapham to my lower stomach. Doctors are amazed how big. Started the size of a dime in the year 1968. They will not do surgery because of the location. It's to risky. That's my story. The end.
—Guest Margaret Smith

hernia in oesophagus

I have been diagnosed bout 19 yeats ago awful but what can you do. I take nexium which does hellp if i dont take that for 4days i csnt eat at all. But every month or so i have big bile vomits and generally when im out with friends not even eating but my friends undrrstand firtunately and can tell when its happening not plesent hey but something we all have to learn to live with
—Guest me wondering again

hernia on my oesophagus

I would like to say k have the same thing as you guys and i am experiencing pain in my left side just under my rib which has no consistency in when it may happen but sharp pains feel constipated for a couple of days then it goes yeah docs cant explain it maybe we can come up with something ourselves with testing ourselves. I'm fit only eat good food slim but do drink wine and smoke and i'mm also visually impaired sothis takes hard wrk to cknverse sorry hey
—Guest me wondering

Hiatus Hernia

Hi I got diagnosed Feb 2012 :( it started around June 2011, pain in the throat (just one time it hurt so bad I thought something had broken on ripped in my throat, lasted about 20 mins) then I started choking in the night...literally could not breathe! I would b fast asleep then wake up like a bolt of lightning and sat upright.. on a couple of occaisions I have been alone when this has happened and I was scared to death.. I could not get my breath and was clinging onto the bathroom sink thinking I was going to die! I had an endescope and they said Hiatus Hernia (great Im 39) gave me lanzoprazole and said lose weight!! thats it!! I still suffer regulary in the night with choking I am sometimes scared to go to sleep!! :/
—Guest Nicola

Guest Trip

Extreme shortness of breath. Tests for heart and lungs good. I've totally changed my diet and my doctor prescribed Zantac 75. I watched a video with dr. manipulating hernia attempting to drop it back where it belongs and have been trying that. It seems important to reduce stress and I'm working on that. I can walk 50 feet and gasp for breath! All this came out of the blue and I pray it will improve soon.
—Guest Trip


I had the same problem a few years back thugoht it was a heart attack the Dr. put me on Zantac. I was on it for a while. It works If you want a natural alternative I have heard apple cider vinegar works they say you don't have enough acid in your stomach but I don't know if this really works or not or if this is true but I do know I could not eat anything with out burning like crazy. I lost a lot of weight and I didn't need to and was very sick so try something if it is medicine you would be better off.
—Guest EArqhbTAXwAKLZhzzZ


Has anyone had a haiatl hernia? If so could you please answer a few questions?I was wonder how severe your symptoms got and if you needed surgery to correct the problem. I have had right sided stomach pain that has gotten progressively worse over the last two years. Now I even have shortness of breath to go along with the chest pains, heartburn and the belly pain that sometimes shoots right through to my back. I have had all sorts of tests done; CT scan, hida scan, endoscopy, upper GI, ultra sound, stress test, cardiac catherazation, and I'm sure I am still forgetting a few. So far all that has been found is a kidney that is not working, an enlarged kidney, (both of which the dr. thinks came from all the urine infections I had as a child), an enlarged liver, severe acid reflux and a haiatl hernia. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.Dio, do you do that sitting up or lying down? And it is for sure on your left side and not the right? Or would it be on both sides at the same time? I'm willing to try anything at the moment. Thanks.Jo, I have been taking Nexium and Reglan (metoclopram) for months now and my belly still seems to have gotten worse, I also was told to take Gaviscon and I tend to drink that like water when the pain is really bad. I do not drink any caffine and only smoke once in a while. I have been sleeping at an angle for a long time now. In fact, I now sleep by myself on an inflateble bed in the living room since my husband doesn't like laying on the angle I jack my bed to. Thanks.
—Guest MEGtfsxObqKpbhNrnU

Still don't know

Since then it comes and goes and try to take prilosec to control it ... Cont.. It appears to be getting worse, after exercising the other day I became a little light headed, and a little more winded than usual and had horrible indigestion, it seems like it won't stop, belching every couple minutes to relieve the pressure, and can feel and hear my stomach gurgling. I Can feel a pressure in my chest and causes pain on the left side of my chest and sometimes right. Being concerned for my heart I pushed for further diagnosis and am scheduled for a stress test tomorrow. Also there is a bacterial ulser that seems to cause some of the same symptoms, I gave blood for testing for that while at the doctor also. Think is was referred to as pylor H or something very similar. It's really strange to me for this to come on I have always taken pretty good care of myself, don't drink, dint smoke, have been very active my whole life, maybe one of the joys of getting older. Will write when I know mor
—Guest In Portland Or 43

Still don't know

It seem that I have always had some type of adverse Reaction to pizza sauces, spicy red sauces of any kind. A 2 years ago I went to the emergency room thinking I was going to have a heart attack, I had chest pains, and didnt just feel right. I was admitted right away when I told them I was having chest pains, and was connected to an EKG where they monitored my heart. Well I don't know about you but when your connected to this monitor and it's beeping and people are rushing in an out of your room my nerves just made things worse and had horrible anxiety. Nothing was found wrong after an hour or so and I was released. Two nights later I was back again, same thing, this time I was told by a co-worker that he had something similar and they gave him some sort of cocktail of antacid. I had to ask for it when I went in the second time but they gave it to me. It seemed to help within a minute or two. Since then it comes and goes and try to take prilosec to control it ... Cont..
—Guest In Portland Or 43

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