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Readers Respond: What is the Most Annoying About Living With a Hiatal Hernia?

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Updated June 01, 2011

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  • From the article: Live With a Hiatal Hernia
    What is the most annoying thing about having a hiatal hernia? My mother had a hiatal hernia, and the pain she sometimes suffered after eating was her main complaint. What has been your experience? Share Your Story

    I had a Stomach Hiatel surgery

    I have had problems with shortness of breathe, vomiting excess coughing. Diahrea.My dr. suggested going to Cleveland Clinic to a gastrologist. She did an endoscopy and found I had a hernia.I also saw a pulmonist, who helped with breathing. they re heart dr cleared me for surgery. The surgeon did a laproscopic surgery. I feel fine. Except for I can't eat solids at this time. Liquids and soft foods . for 5 weeks. I don't know hownthe recovery will end. I m in just 9 days. have gas n belching. I tried for years to get an answer. If you don't take care of it . It can lead to cancer. My vocal cords are affected from the high acid . Which started ulcerating them. My speech is low. Im praying all go well. and I get my voice back. and that I can eat properly. No Chiropracter can do this surgery. I was out in 48 hrs. If its bad and they have to cut. The hospital stay will be longer. Im Happy I did it.
    —Guest Bonnie

    I have hiatus hernia

    I'm 26yr of age.Aweek ago i went for a scope and found out I have this hiatus hernia.Ive been treated for acid since the age of 12years.I get extremely uncomfortable pains under my breastbone and sharp pains in my back and the only way I can help this pains from going to away is to vomit so that I can get rest at night. It's strange the only time I get it the worst is when I get my periods..I truly hope there is away to relieve us all from our pains
    —Guest AneeqohG South Africa

    Your not alone

    I been through it all and yes u can get it fix I took every single pill there is from nexium to omerpsol ranthandine dexilant ect. They didn't do nothing and if they do work its just gonna band aid your symptoms. They will never heal u but I just found out about a new surgery call tif procedure incisions where they do it thru your mouth with no cutting.
    —Guest Chris badillo

    GERD and heartburn

    Hi, I have had acid reflux and suffered from heartburn since I stopped smoking 18months ago. The constant bloating, nausea, sore throat, choking in my sleep and not being able to eat most of the time and I had to stop drinking milk because my chest closed up if I did. I have been on tabs that work for a month and then don't help much the next. I wouldn't leave home without my antacids. I tried fenugreek seeds for a month and my reflux prob is cured. Research 'Fenugreek - cure acid reflux'
    —Guest Sam

    Learning to live with it

    I have had a hiatal hernia for 4 years. My esophagus was twisted from the pressure of my stomach pushing through and it was hard to swallow. A chiropractor taught me how to manipulate my stomach back into place. I'm a large woman and so it does go back often, but I have managed to keep it down on a daily basis. The first time I did it I felt air bubbles in my stomach and I could breath! I will always have to deal with it, but at least I know how to pull it down when I am feeling that it's out of place. For those of you who want to know how to do the manipulation technique...it is quite simple. You lay down on your bed, relax for a minute or too so that your stomach muscles relax. Then right below your sternum, take all of your fingers and push in and down slowly, like you are dragging your stomach to where it belongs. U have to apply pressure doing it. Not 2 hard. Repeat until you feel it move or do it a few times each day until u see results. You may be sore the first time.
    —Guest Jazane

    Hiatal hernia , rflex, ulsarated colitis

    Sick of being sick, and no one will fix the Hernia,. Life is so hard and the more we diet, the more we try, wothless, eat only water, chicken broth, for days and pain still, Is this realy life .
    —Guest Twonette

    this SUCKS....

    so after much research and conversations with friends in the medical field, it seems as though there honestly is NOTHING to fix this? i have the same symptoms as everyone else... and only recently found out what the problem was. Now, the pain comes EVERYTIME after I eat, as well as randomly throughout the day... this is miserable... any suggestions? what is a good diet to eat? i've heard cut out all glutens, starches, food colorings, fruit juices, etc... from what it sounds like you basically can't eat ANYTHING so i'm trying to figure out what i CAN eat.... please help.
    —Guest Dan

    So I'm not crazy....

    After almost 2 years of being told I'm depressed, stressed, and basically a nut.... Finally an endoscopy showed a hital hernia. The pain I get is debilitating. Any words of wisdom to get by??
    —Guest Allison

    Sick and tired of being sick and tired

    I've had this hiatial hernia for seven years now. It reaaally sucks. I have shortness of breath, constant ongoing regugitation of food and heartburn, hoarseness. If whatever I eat doesn't come up through regurgitation daily I have these awful stomach spasms that makes my heart beat at 170 bpm. The stomach acid has damaged my teeth very badly, because of its severity. I don't Everytime I go to the hospital for it, the doctors keep saying that it's anxiety. It was so bad today that I had to lie down and take anxiety meds. I have gerd, high blood pressure, a hiatial hernia, and was just diagnosed with anxiety. I don't know what to do. I also was told that I have duodenitis. When I first had a hernia flare up, I thought that I was going to die. It felt as if my heart was coming out of my chest. It's reeeally scary. I don't know what to do. No matter what I eat it sends me into these spams today. If it keeps happening I'm gonna have to take another trip to the doctor's office
    —Guest Debra

    hiatal hernia

    Chronic Flautelence 2000 times a day, tired all the time, sleeping 12 hours seams like not refreshing at all, crazy pain in left shoulder , heart aritmias due to bloating, gases, pain, rumbling stomak all the time , hypo , sleep disorders, apnea and panick attacks even during night the list go on my life has been a hell I am 38 year old male
    —Guest kristijan

    GERD and Hiatal Hernia

    I have burning in my throat, and below my sturnum in the lower part, also pain iny lower left rib cage above my stomach and I feel like somethings stuck in my throat and I clear my throat alot and cough alot.
    —Guest JoJo

    GERD and Hiatal Hernia

    The GERD that goes with it. I get burning in my throat and below my sturnum in the lower part, also I get pain in my lower left fib cage above my stomach, and feel like something is stuck in my throat and I have to constantly clear my throat and I cough alot.
    —Guest JoJo

    GERD and Hiatal Hernia

    I get burning in my throat and the lower part of my sturnum, and also sometimes pain in my lower left rib cage above my stomach.
    —Guest JoJo

    The hiatal hernia

    I find it sad that professionals that should know a hiatal hernia like the back of their hand make us suffer with drugs, scoping, and not willing to do surgery. I would like to know anyone that has had it removed by a chiropractor I have read it can be done and other things. I would like to know if anyone has done it. I want to believe that there has to be an answer so we are not wanting not deal with it anymore
    —Guest Asckmyworld

    IBS symptoms are not normal!

    To those people that are suffering from gastritis and IBS symptoms, PLEASE do an elimination diet to check that you aren't intolerant to a certain food. I have a sliding Hiatus Hernia that is causing me a lot of discomfort but I also had IBS symptoms for many years. I discovered 2 years ago that I am in fact gluten intolerant and no longer suffer from body aches, wind, bloating and diaorhea. Please search how to do an elimination diet, I know this wont change your hernia symptoms but it will make you feel better in other ways. All you need to do is cut out lactose or wheat or one of the other foods known to cause problems in some people for two weeks, I mean cut it out of your diet completely, no cheating. After 2 weeks you eat the food you have cut out and if it causes a reaction then you know thats the food you can never eat again. After 4 days of cutting out gluten I was begining to feel normal and after 2 weeks I was sleeping like a baby, 2 years later I feel amazing.
    —Guest KP

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    What is the Most Annoying About Living With a Hiatal Hernia?

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