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Readers Respond: What is the Most Annoying About Living With a Hiatal Hernia?

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Updated June 01, 2011

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  • From the article: Live With a Hiatal Hernia
    What is the most annoying thing about having a hiatal hernia? My mother had a hiatal hernia, and the pain she sometimes suffered after eating was her main complaint. What has been your experience?

    Hiatus Hernia ruining my life

    I have a hiatal hernia and gastritis. I have tried omeprazole, pantaprazole and now on lansoprazole. I am also on peppermint oil tables as i also have severe IBS. I am a police officer working long days and long nights and even with taking these "medical solutions" i still get issues. I get the pain and the feeling of wanting to be sick but cannot be sick because of the lansoprazole which makes me feel really ill. I had a consultant who did endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy. He was extremely unhelpful and decided because i work alot he wasnt required and he took me off his books (i.e no support). On most days i wake i feel so unwell but have to work to support my family. There is an option an operation but will only do it for the most severe cases!! So being in pain most days, feeling or being sick and the feeling of having a heart attack is not severe enough and the fact i work 70 hours a week plus!! The NHS arent doing enough and this does get me down.
    —Guest Sean T


    I have a hiatus hernia, I have trouble with acic going into my voice box causing almost loss of voice most days. It is a nusiance as I cannot get on with life as you know, eating choice is a military operation. Being afraid to lift things or bend down resticts my everday work and pleasure. After being unrestricted all my life I find these restrictions just that. Finally I worry about it developing into something a lot more serious. I am seriously considering having a surgical operation.
    —Guest coulddo

    That its there in the first place

    I supose everyone else feels the same. I am fed up of pain and reflux. I can't go for a drink with my friends and I have to walk past things like orange juice in the supermarket. I can't really have a curry,it affects it and I love coffee. If I have coffee then I suffer. I just want a normal stomach back. Its so upsetting when you haven't got control over your own stomach. I have gastritis too so its always burning away. Whats the point in talking about it,I think this thing needs an op. Why should we not be able to eat and drink what we want?

    GERD with hiatus hernia

    I suffer from a small sliding hiatus hernia. I also have gastritis. I have trouble eating things. I can't just eat what I want. I get awful pain when it flares up. I have been getting more pain recently and have had reflux. If I eat something that triggers it off its worse,like chocolate. Sometimes I don't eat a trigger food but still get it. I don't know sometimes whether its the GERD through the hernia causing the pain or the gastritis. Its very,very painful anyway. Im looking for help with this,Im so fed up. Whatever may help be it a herb or food or tablet I will do it. Ive tried acupunture and Chinese herbs very little help.


    its really no relief...nothin that you can instantly do.
    —Guest trezure

    heart burn!!

    It's bother me on early morning and middle of the night.
    —Guest sarwat jafri

    Sick and Tired of having a hiatal hernia

    I have on and off symptoms from my hiatal hernia. Sometimes I am able to eat anything that I want, and other times, I can't eat anything at all except for applesauce and oatmeal. I am getting sick and tired of this problem.
    —Guest nina frymoyer

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