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Readers Respond: What Foods Are Your Biggest Heartburn Trigger?

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Updated May 06, 2009

You may need to avoid certain foods if you suffer from heartburn. What foods are your biggest heartburn trigger? How do you cope with food triggers? Any handy tips or food substitutions? Share your experiences

Definately grains

and soya milk/products. No bread/flour. Since dropping these foods & adopting coconut milk/cream & oil I can now drink copious coffee on an empty stomach in the morning. Yes. Yee har!! The only thing that sets me off now is alcohol, and the other foods that once made me suffer no longer do so. Chiefly I now realise it was the daily soya milk. Definately not a health product pour moi, and anyway love the coconut milk far more than the soy. I have also lost excess kilos finally, on this regime. I feel great, at last!
—Guest Martin

I can't believe it!

After 30 years of terrible reflux I one day gave up my daily soya milk & bread, all grains in fact. I also cut down on fruit & upped nuts, eggs, meat & tempeh (fermented soya is ok). I took up drinking coconut milk and using coconut cream & oil. Within ONE week; for the first time in 3 decades, I can drink coffee on an empty stomach in the morning with no adverse effects! The ONLY thing that sets off the reflux now is alcohol, apart from that .... Ziltch! What a relief.
—Guest Martin

No more antacid meds

I was taking 3 prescriptions a day for heartburn for 3 years. When I found out I had high cholesterol and started eating low fat, low cholesterol foods, and high fiber foods and oatmeal, I lost 30 pounds, quit all the prescription meds and feel much better. I sure miss eating whatever sounds good lol
—Guest Weston


spicy foods, cigarettes, coffee, over eating, everything it seems I eat causes it.
—Guest mike


since I had my gall bladder removed, I have not be able to drink pop again, fried foods, seem to bother me, I find eating slowly prevents flare ups, today I only ate potatoes, and it started.. I came on here to see what food are safe, and noticed many cause it, but get tired of living on saltine crackers.
—Guest mikter


I lost 10 kg within 45 days and the reason was I can't eat because of heartburn and reflix everytime I go to the doctor he gives me medicines which is I don't know of it dose help at all is just getting wors and I don't want to do surgery I'm on diet and I don't eat all what can trigger my stomach but no improvement is the same .
—Guest Kam


I have been suffering with Gerd for quite a few years. It comes and goes in waves. Just recently it hit me so hard after drinking some strongly brewed coffee. I could not stand for too long as it made me feel weak with pain in my chest, lower back, and lower abdomen. I cant drink even mild coffee anymore without getting a bad reaction. I am through drinking coffee and i have been on a meatless diet which helps in my opinion. The doctors have put me on Omeprazole for years, but i dont like taking it because it makes me have
—Guest jorge mondragon

Acid reflux

I have been breaking my own diet rules...pop,coffee w/cream, bananas, berries...you name it I have been eating it. Well, that's all over. Constant acid reflux and heartburn have won! I take Prilosec but it has stopped working...I read online that vitamin deficiencies can actually cause acid reflux. B vitamins, magnesium, calcium as well. So back on the vitamins today.Nix on the forbidden foods. I need to feel well! I have started a new medication that isn't helping but I was in tummy trouble before the new med started. Pepto Bismo helps, tums, soda crackers, fat free milk...guess the fat content in dairy products is the culprit. So only fat free dairy in small quantities for me. I ate all the wrong things for weeks...sure was fun but back on the chain gang!
—Guest kateydid

What food triggers my heartburn the most

I usually only eat two slices of Pepperoni pizza because it not only makes my tummy angry, but I end my day with the worse case of heartburn. I can't help it we all love pizza.
—Guest Jennifer

Try apple cider vinegar

Bananas are my down fall. I haven't had a banana in months. I get reflux from being hungry too. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (the unfiltered kind, the Heinz processed stuff is awful) in a tall glass of water multiple times a day helps but every once in a while I get a flare up so bad it cause sinus and respiratory infections.
—Guest Annie

Finding new triggers daily

I recently discovered that milk is a definite trigger food for me. I normally do not consume any dairy products because I just dont like the taste but had a craving for old fashioned oatmeal with lots of sugar and milk. Well I won't do that again. So now i can add that to no acidic fruits or vegetables, no fried foods, very few sodas, and no ground beef. It's funny how i used to be able to eat anything and now i'm finding more and more stuff that i can't have. Guess i'll be thankful for the stuff i can eat lol

CHEAPOILS is the cause

What stopped my heartburn was quitting processed foods. I used to think the cause was chocolate (from OREOS) and such, but NO, it was the cheap non-cold-pressed hydrogenated OILS in corporate food. I quit buying big brand names and have gotten off Prilosec!!! If only I had know this 10 years ago! Try this, it works!

Some GERD solution

Stress one of the biggest culprit. Soft music while eating or at regular basis. Word game helps sometimes. Hoping to find back my 'lost love' coffee, will try that tylercoffee.com. Great! Ginger is my best buddy now, boil lots of ginger root keep it in a mug with a lid and mix it little by little with your normal mineral water as and when. Today had my soft baby-like rice and bland steam mackerel but made a ginger garlic with light chinese soy sauce, it worked pretty well. Yeast is an agent for fermentation, apparently it cause acid reaction, but i cant take wheat or rye just normal white bread is fine. Toast it till very brown(kills the heaviness of it somehow), spread with little jam or mamite, i dip it in plain hot water. Sad.. but whatever that can fill my tummy without throwing up in the morning.

No to my favourites

Triggers almost anything I eat, my kind of food at least. Bed time the worst, suffered from insomnia. No more munching berries, cheese and drinking my hot chocolates. Feta cheese ok though. No more salad dressings, balsamic especially. Spicy indian food or even some mediterranean meze. Can't miss my medication, been two years.


My heartburn issue started after having surgery to remove a benign tumor from my stomach, after that I have had heartburn constantly even with water. I now take Nexium twice daily and it does help but still have break though heartburn at times that is triggered by peanut butter, chocolate, anything acidic, mint, cheese, crackers, onions, alcohol, and anything fatty.
—Guest Sherry

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What Foods Are Your Biggest Heartburn Trigger?

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