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Readers Respond: What Foods Are Your Biggest Heartburn Trigger?

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Updated May 06, 2009


Oatmeal, cream of wheat, or porridge of any kind. The tougher/thicker it is, the worse it is, but even well-cooked soupy porridge gives me horrible acid reflux. Dried oats, however, like an oatmeal cookie, are fine.
—Guest Jack Shepherd

beano helps me greatly

I decided to take some beano when I found out it is an enzyme. It has helped me Seem lately everything gives me heartburn. I decided to try Beano when I learned it is an enzyme . I can eat most anything and not get heartburn. May not work for everyone but works for me.
—Guest mary fairbanks

Girl on Fire

Try Brewers Yeast or marmite on wholemeal toast twice a day. I have had a sour stomach for 18 months and this very natural remedy has given me my life back
—Guest Cathy Roberts

My difficulties

I am still struggling, but I have hope. I do have to make the most of it and just play the hand I'm dealt, as someone suggested to me. Try red delicious apples before or after eating. there are a bunch of other all natural ideas online if you look. Might be worth a shot
—Guest John Dille


Thanks guys - I was starting to get down about mine. Just want to say fine when someone says 'hi, how are you' Working hard to find my triggers. My beloved relaxing glass of wine has had to go. It had started to taste like a glass of vinigar anyway. Good luck everyone
—Guest cathy


Never mind the medications they are horrible for your body and will perpetuate worse problems. Stick to a diet without tomatoes, chocolate, spicy foods, coffee, some fatty meats ie bacon & sausage, cheese etc. Eat lots of salads, fish (baked), almond milk, nuts, lean meats ie chicken. No alcohol, don't over eat at night forget desserts and lose the pizzas. Take delicorice (if you don't have high blood pressure) that will calk down the stomach and you can begin to heal.
—Guest Miss D


I have a constant sore throat because of GERD. I recently had a test done where my gastro doctor looked down my throat, esophagus and stomach and even some of my intestines with a scope to see how bad things were! Well right away he saw alot of red raw spots in my throat, then further down it got even redder. BUT when he got to the middle of my esophagus it was so swollen from the acid always backing up into it, that the hole was very small; about the size of a straw! No wonder I was having trouble swallowing my food! When he got to my stomach it was bright red and inflamed and there he noticed that I also had a hernia. I am currently taking 40 mg. omeprezole twice a day to help with my acid reflux. But it has been going on for so long now that I have lost my sense of smell and taste and can't enjoy eating anything anymore. The only smell that gets through is when I make my husband a cup of coffee and that smells like skunk to me!!
—Guest Susan


Pizza, fruit juices, tomatoes, pickles, and many more foods I used to love. Even apples will trigger acid reflux in me! Makes me very depressed and wonder if there is anything out there that I CAN eat! I should be dropping pounds like crazy because of how little I eat, but I guess it's the medications that I'm taking that is keeping the weight on me. Oh well. I will eat saltines and tuna fish for lunch today. Who knows what I will have tonight. That is how it is with me every day...meal by meal. If anyone has a list of good foods for GERD sufferers please email them to me. Thank you.
—Guest Susan

BRAT diet

Try the BRAT diet for a few days...bananas, rice, applesauce and (dry) toast. Yes, it's rather bland, but that's what we prescribe for upset tummies and sensitive GI conditions. Then slowly work in regular foods that you usually like to eat just a bit at a time. And NEVER eat spicy or greasy foods just before going to bed...a sure trigger for very uncomfortable heartburn/reflux in the middle of the night. Also, many people don't know this, but milk actually triggers the production of stomach acid. Yes, it feels good going down, but hours later you'll just have more stomach acid than before.
—Guest DrDeb

Foods that trigger heartburn with AR

Foods that are high in acid and spicy foods sometimes sourcream and blackberries if my stomach is too torn up.
—Guest Sonia

Instant Trouble with GERD

Poppyseed muffins, brownies (actually - any kind of cake/pastry with sugar and flour); regular coffee and of course most all of the other foods listed not to eat. I lived on frozen vanilla yogurt for the first six months after diagnosis! Hope you find relief!
—Guest Char


ice cream, coconut, broccoli, popcorn, cheese, mayonnaise, all the things I like.
—Guest Kathy

Trigger foods / Good foods

Triggers: chocolate, wine, beer, tea, coffee, fried food, eggs, butter, onions, some gravies, peppercorn sauce, any animal fat. Good food: Banana & Soft grain bread sandwich, (quick remedy for an attack) turkey, chicken, lean steak, still water, green veg, beans, lentils, feta cheese, virgin olive oil, low fat cream cheese, fruit yogurt, Bran with strawberries, uncooked porridge oats with milk,Peanut butter,

anxiety&stress&acid reflux

In my case my reflux is connected to my anxiety and stress,and when I'm stressed most my digestive system tries to shut down as in fight or flight mode. Then if i try to eat bingo acid reflux. i personally think this is why so many of us have reflux. my fix is organic honey pure. on its own or in hotish kettle water, works fast. Oh and very small meals works a treat, I miss breakfast because it suits me, then about 10.30am apple with glass of filtered water,12.00 i have tuna or boiled egg salad brown bread sandwich, 12.30 glass of water. 14.00 banana glass of water. 17.30 main part of meal would be chicken breast skinless with rice&veg or baked potato and salad and veg. before bed glass of water 10min later 5ml of honey and sleep on my left side with 3 pillows good luck to anyone. I know its very hard but try not to let this take over your life as i did for so long, you,ll miss so much just make the best of what life hands you its all a test don't let it change who you are x.
—Guest tomato's

Coffee and Heartburn

After going a few months without coffee, I found a wonderful acid free decaf. coffee that doesn't upset my acid reflux. Check out tylerscoffee.com their product is simply awesome!
—Guest Joe

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What Foods Are Your Biggest Heartburn Trigger?

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