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Readers Respond: What symptoms led you to your GERD diagnosis?

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Updated October 10, 2010

From the article: Symptoms of GERD
Heartburn is the main symptom of GERD, though some people diagnosed with GERD didn't experience heartburn. Symptoms of GERD can vary from person to person and can include hoarseness in the morning, difficulty swallowing, and a persistent dry cough.

When did you first suspect you were suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)? What symptoms prompted you to go to your doctor about it? Share your experiences with others. Sharing your symptoms could prompt someone else with similar symptoms to see a doctor when they might not otherwise.

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acid reflux

I have some of the same symptoms.all started 12yrs ago. I was having terrible pain in my chest at night couldnt sleep went on for about two wks finally went to er. Thought I was having heart attack.found out it was acid reflux.been on nexium since.. then about 6 yrs later suffered gallbladder attack had it removed.. I was eating what ever I wanted after that and didnt rely on nexium anymore.. till recently. Im having pain in ears, throat, chest , nausea and dizziness. Went to doc back on nexium.. going to see the gastro.doctor this wk.. hoping this gets better.. I can understand and feel for all of you who are going through it and its never ending.. all I can say is gd luck wish you all the best
—Guest missy.g

gerd symptims

i had sorethroat recuring heartburn consistantly dry cough hoarseness in the morning and i have dine test stil waitin for results
—Guest mornicca


Chest pains come 3-5 minutes after(not while) climbing stairs, followed by burping with acid taste.
—Guest watmore

i think iv had gerd for years

Hi folks iv felt unwell for years iv been round the docs and in and out of hospital for years no one can find out ways up iv gone here's a list af some of the things iv been round the docs with hart raceing sore throat numb toung pains in my arm carnt sleep but pains in my chest and stomark and every symptom iv had some one has exspreanced with gets also headaces bad syneses hard of breathing no energy deprest put on waight the doc thinks its in my mind when i go in he thinks not you again but iv had acid finding up for years but lately it comes up Neely all the time my stumark has food in worse when i lye down iv had ulcers in the past as well i never thorght acid could ravish my body like this at the moment my throat feels like i got a golf ball in it and the mussels fell like some one has twisted my neck round 360 degrees the other day it was numb toung wats peoples thorghts some times i feel like in dyeing breathing
—Guest lee

Rude awaking

I wake up coughing as if I'm choking , must be stomach acid. I feel wheezy at times and I can't stop coughing and the more I cough the more my throat hurts! Most of the times its just a dry cough but lately its been bring stuff up or making me sick. Wish I knew what to do when it happens. I know how to prevent it, for me don't eat too soon before going to sleep and also have to take Omeprazole on a regular basis or I suffer from this and heartburn.
—Guest IceQueen1981

Gerd symptoms

I have to be careful what I eat and when I eat it. I recently had a bleeding in my esophagus, and also a deformed vein in my stomach. I was in hospital for 10 days due to violent watery bowel movements. I also couldnt keep food in or down. I was on a clear liquid diet for about a month. When I left the hospital I was diagnosed with GERD among other things. I have several medications to take and if I miss a dose, or have to take an anti-biotic I get acid so bad it burns my ears. I am overweight, insulin dependent diabetic, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. The symptoms are extremely upseting, and I get depressed easily. I use ensure if my stomach is acting up. I stick to mashed potato, rice, or other very mild bland food. I have no gallbladder, and also have problems with my liver.. I do not drink or smoke or do drugs. It really sucks at times.
—Guest Deb


I get sevear pain iny chest and an like my broncule tubes are beening blown up like a baloon it's a bad hurtf feeling I have to keep trying to clear my throat I keep burping and that brings a small relief then I get a acid burning feeling in my throat it feels like I might be having a heart attack but after a few hours it will go away untill I eat and it starts all over again I xm going crazy
—Guest Marty

suffering for at least 20 yrs

Breathing has become complicated seems my everything is swollen In my throat. Swallowing is hell. Constant pain I upper right quad. Constant pain in throat, neck, ear. Have to hold head up to get a deep breath in. Sleeping is hell cant lay down and breath right. Have hiatal hernia. Been taking zantac for years. Ph balance 9.5 Essentia water gives relief of heartburn some. Depressing always uncomfortable. Think zantac is killing my liver. Cant bend over to much acid comes up. Throat feels like there is a fist stuck in it. Food gets stuck pills get stuck. Having to clear two bottles of water to get magnesium down to stop my stomach from moving around. Miserable.
—Guest Mrs. Gerd

constant burping

I spent two years of high school constantly burping, with no idea of why and no other symptoms aside from some pain in my stomach when I burped a lot. I put the pain down to a side effect of burping so much. I went to the doctor and they said it was probably this and said to take Prevacid. It had no effect. I went to a specialist later and they did an upper endoscopy, said I had GERD, and told me to take double the usual dose of Prevacid. This worked, and now I don't burp all the time!
—Guest M.A.M.

Dealing With GERD

Constant clearing of my throat for years has been an issue. Had gall latter removed. About 10 yrs later I kept getting bronchitis and sinus infections. My doctor sent me to an allergist and he first told me I had GERD. Did not see GI doctor for about another year. Have had polyp removed & have diverticulosis. Now, I have been told my spleen is slightly enlarged & have lesion on my liver. Not sure that spleen and liver problem have anything to do with GERD.
—Guest Sam

Many symptoms, non medicinal treatment

I have had many of the same symptoms including being hospitalised twice with tachacardia (a racing heart). It took more than a year to be diagnosed with GORD. I was having severe heartburn, numbness and tingling in my hands, headaches, dizziness, severe chest pain, hoarse throat, and the irregular heart beat etc. I am now on PPI (pantaprazole) and ibosorbide mononitrate (duride) for oesophageal spasms. The meds help but are not a long term solution. I have adjusted my diet to limit the attacks as well. The symptoms are very distressing and affect my daily life. I have just volunteered for the New Zealand trial of a new surgical implant called EndoStim that hopefully will provide long term relief. The device uses electric pulses to control the oesophageal sphincter. I will post again and let you know how the trial goes.
—Guest Rebecca

PLEASE Don't Ignore Chest Pain

For about 3 years I thought I had GERD and the worst symptom was a cardiac type of chest pain which usually occurred about 30 minutes after eating. If I walked it almost always came on. I dismissed this as GERD. PLEASE do not make the mistake that I did as I have recently had triple bypass surgery. My GERD symptoms have gone!! I had 3 EKGs during this time - all normal. It wasn't until my doctor talked me into having a myocardial perfusion that my serious CAD issue was discovered. One of those coronary arteries was 99% occluded. According to the cardiologist I was possibly days away from a myocardial infarction and the state of my arteries would have meant a 95% chance of me NOT being revived even with instant medical help. The link with chest pain and food is obvious. 30 minutes after eating, your digestive system kicks in, drawing blood away from the heart. So get this test. It is simple and not very invasive. This test SAVED MY LIFE
—Guest Holden4th

Hiatal Hernia and Gerd

I'm 40 and had an extreme attack one night. I thought I was having a heart attack - tightness in chest, shooting pain, numbness on arm. Turned out my heart is fine. Was told to relax, it might be stress, and it was probably the meatball bomber I had for dinner causing heartburn. Well I self prescribed OTC Prilosec. Nothing got better. No trigger foods - everything can cause pain. Went back to dr. And he prescribed dexilant. Didn't work I had stomach cramps bad and a rash. Now taking Zantac 150mg 2/day. Day symptoms are almost gone. Still have a dull feeling in left abdomen and occasional pain from reflux. Went for an upper GI and have a small hiatal hernia. Bed is propped up; buying a wedge. Restless sleep due to reflux acid in throat. Probably all a result to stress and poor eating habits.
—Guest Chrissy

Constant AR

Im more wondering what you guys think. I have an on and off sore throat. Acid reflux everyday and worse by the afternoon. Sometimes very painful. The more water I drink the worse it gets and it does hurt to drink fizzy drinks. No matter what I eat or do it won't go away. Any ideas?
—Guest ConstantAR

GERD diagnosis

Didn't know I had GERD when I was very young. Had persistent sore throat, nose bleeds, earache, stomach flu for 9 days...then had to remove my tonsil as it got very bad. Prior to going for a scope, had heartburn almost every night as I thought the fenugreek my colleague recommended wld suit me and also consume too much enzyme [in satchet form]...found that it contain vinegar. Then on Oct 2012 I went to see the specialist n she recommeded to undergo scope. The result is Grd A Reflux Esophagitis n Diverticular Disease other that Gastritis. Was given Proton Pump Inhibitor [Controloc for quite some time]. Recently, last year towards the end of Oct'12 n early Nov'12 had a very bad sore throat which led to lost of voice upon waking up n vomitted on the mrng itself. Currently it has also affected my left ear....got itchy then pain and only sometimes there's pain. At the moment I'm currently taking omeprazole 20mg and Manuka Honey alternately.
—Guest Doreen Cho

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What symptoms led you to your GERD diagnosis?

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