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Readers Respond: What symptoms led you to your GERD diagnosis?

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Updated October 10, 2010

feeling not well, no heartburn

I was diagnosed with GERD 10 years ago and take Nexium for it. All is well except when I start feeling not well...it's not nausea or heartburn. I had 2 polyps taken out and 3 were left like 6 years ago. Can anyone tell me why I feel so not well..its like a constant pressure on my chest that goes down to where my stomach starts.

not just heartburn

Had horrible chest pain. Called doctor who sent me to ER. No heart attack or blood clot but.GERD. Released from hospital with Prilosec, Vicodin, and Nitroglycerin. This is no heartburn.. This is HELL
—Guest jab6703

reflux nightmare

Am suffering with acid reflux in my throat and its a nightmare. I can't eat, sleep and u consistently cough up mucus. Am taking ranitidine150mg but its not touching it. I've tried different tablets for it but I get a reaction to it and have to stop taking them. Am waiting to get a camera down my throat but its frightening me because am choking with it at night. Am fed up of it. It all starts with the menopause.And I've had enough. Any repleys would be helpful. Thank u.
—Guest julie

Same here Guest southerner

I have had your exact symptoms on and off for two years now--diagnosed with GERD last year. Had the endoscopy and had no damage. But I am still having symptoms.
—Guest Kelly

gerd symptons

I have been dealing with this for 3yrs now. Had a hiatle hernia repair, a gallbladder removed, and a lap Nissan and still to this day I have stomach spasms atleast 4-5 times a month they usually last for about 2-3 hrs long with neasea and dizziness not sure what else could be wrong
—Guest jamie

GERD symptoms

I started having GERD symptoms while taking fenugreek which my colleague recommended and Biozyme an enzyme powder which was bought fr a health shop. My neck became very red, was feeling very hot [heartburn] and persistent hoarseness n sore throat. Went for scope 2 yrs ago i.e. Oct 2010 n was diagnose with Grd A reflux esophagitis n Diverticular Disease as well as gastritis. Lately, my reflux has become quite bad. It started with a very painful swallowing of water n food then body ache n slight fever, given MC the nxt day, lots of phlegm n mucus then persistent coughing non-stop, later on had no voice n vomitted upon waking up. This has been going on for close to 7 wks [started on 29th Oct]. I also developed itchiness earlier on my left ear then persistent pain. Anyway....I'll be seeing the ENT doc tmr for a checkup.
—Guest Doreen Cho


.had burning in the bottom and top of my throat.also lots of phelm coming up, mostly after I ate something.Had to sit up for awhile till feelings went away
—Guest betty


I am male 61, two stone overweight but very active and stopped smoking 3 yrs ago - now take high blood pressure tablets - always having to clear my throat even in company - irrating cough and sometimes a sudden loss of breath - doctor says its nothing - he doesn't have to live with it - I have been reading some of comments about GERD and it does appear to suggest that some of my symptons are similiar - what should I do and note it seems to ease when I sleep on my side. Please someone help me as this is affecting mine and others lives who are close to me.
—Guest Des

Amazing solution for Gerd

I was diagnosed with Gerd after suspected heart attack ! My Gastro doc prescribe control 40mg. Worked initially but not now. Changed to NIxium 40 mg/2. Had stomach pain, loose stool, burp & wind. Took Gaviscon 4x daily. Had been 8 months since then. Friend recommended - I tried Dr Ohhira - OMX, Bio Green, Plant Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil,AMC (high dose) as advised by OMX healthcare. Has been 2days, ALL the symptoms disappeared except a little discomfort in stomach. I m sure I w recover. I m so happy I got over Gerd without PPI !

sore throat

chronic clearing my throat, mucus, difficulty swallowing, choking, chronic sore throat. Going to the gastro doctor and not looking forward to that scope. Mostly unchecked stress due to the loss of my husband and his illness I believe kicked me up a few knotches. I have had over the years on and off and could get it in check, but not now. The long term effects of the PPI are not reasonable to me and I am stopping the meds and trying some other alternative things. I apparently do have some beginning damage in the throat area, plus stomach cramps and headaches are not my cup of tea with the meds. Trying some alternative for the next few weeks to see how that works until I see the Gastro, unless the ENT dr has a better suggestion for now. Thx


Good thing you are seeing a dotcor. You might have ulcer that requires antibiotics besides anti-acids (anti-histamine as zantac/pepcid or proton-pump inhibitors as Prilosec). That could explain why it is getting worse and not better.Also, you might have problems with the Pyloric sphincter, and acid is leaking into the esophagus, which in many instances might require surgical intervention.Advice, don't waste your money on some apple scam. Try some extra strength Gaviscon or Maalox that will coat the stomach/esophagus and might help with the discomfort.Avoid acidic foods (pop, tomato), caffiene, and alcohol.

Gerd issues w/ vomiting

I experienced a horrible cough for months and months and months. The burning sensation coming from the "air" side of my throat. The cough was bad enough that I would vomit every morning because the cough set off my gag reflex. I would lose my voice all day at work and the cough-vomit would come during the day. Once I took emeprozole 20 mg after a week my symptoms disappeared
—Guest Monika s.

GERD symptoms

The other night I woke up with extreme pressure in my chest, I felt like I couldn't breath. I was dizzy, and my palms were sweaty, and slighty sick to my stomach. Went to er, they admitted me into icu, and ruled out my heart, blood clots, did tons of other tests, treated my asthma, everything. Well they discharged me and i still have the feeling. Told to to follow up with my GI doctor. Saw him yesterday, and he said I have Gerd. Does this sound like gerd to any of you?
—Guest Mandy

GORD with constant hoarse throat

I visited the GP with a 5 week old constant hoarse throat (not sore). He struggled to diagnose anything until I asked about why food occassionally got stuck around my solar plexus area, and bad indegstion in the night. He then diagnosed acid reflux (3 weeks ago). He put me on Omeprazole. I still have almost a constant feeling of 'prodding' under my solar plexus area and bloated feeling (feeling of trapped wind quite often). Some of the experiences on this website are quite concerning e.g. GP's simply prescribing various pills and rarely any cure it seems! My GP seems reluctant to refer me to a ENT specialist and for a proper examination. Best put my faith in God instead! :-)
—Guest Steve G

Not really sure.

I became really sick one day without warning. I was unable to get up, vomiting, shaking, unable to think, unable to eat, the list goes on. Well i was sent directly to the hospital, they stabilized me and i was told i just experianced some sort of panic attack. well, i was sent to teh hospital again shortly after because i was well, unable to even play a vidio game. They sent me home saying i will have a check up with a gi series. When i got there i was set again this table and drank some liquid, and, became extreamly sick and in pain. I was in the hospital already so they pumped me up with pain killers and things which i dont really remember. They then told me i had gurd and set me up with pills to help it. This pill has helped, i am able to eat, and teh pain isnt bad. I still have extrem pain when i awake and my left hands ring finger is numb. I was never overweight, and was perfectly healthy, so docters took a while to come up with the diagnosis. If this is odd, please tell me.
—Guest zZnovaZz

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