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Readers Respond: Do Family and Friends Support You?

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Updated April 20, 2010

If you live with GERD, you may have had to make some changes in the foods you eat. Perhaps you have explained your dietary changes to your family and friends. How have they reacted? Have they tried to support you and include some of your heartburn-safe foods when you dine with them, or have you had to bring your own foods to eat?

Share your experiences about how others have tried to help you, or were no help at all.


Hi Jenni/Monstor Sorry to hear about your heartburn. I had it with both cengnarpies and what worked best for me was the kirkland antacids. Sounds simple, but it worked best. Also, my hubby struggles with reflux quite often and 1) his diet is a huge impact (meaning the healthier and more natural the better) and 2) eating and apple a day not only keeps the doctor away, but also the heartburn. One myth that worked like a charm for one of my friends was a tablespoon of vinegar (regular, not apple) whenever they had heartburn took it away right away!! Some people believe that heartburn (and acid reflux) is an OVER prodction of acid, rather than an UNDER production. So hope those help. The best remedy is Jesus and I will pray that He gives you healing and wisdom. Even though you are a 5th time prego mommy, you are still learning. I think we'll always be learning. Love you. And thanks for keeping us posted about Tam. I talked to her this morning and she sounded rested. Good for her.
—Guest sDFIQFPIhlicOGAqzA
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