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Readers Respond: What is the Most Annoying Thing About Having GERD?

Responses: 47


Updated April 30, 2011

What is the most annoying thing about having GERD for you? For me, it is the food I have to avoid in order not to experience heartburn, some of which is food that I love. What has been your experience?

A slave to the pain:(

A constant sour stomach, like morning sickness...sometimes for a month:(
—Guest Nika


i have had severe shortness of breath(very scary) you don't think your going to breath again, i have woking in the night gasping and just coughing can bring on the attack. i'm now affraid to sleep lying down and dred coughing pills don't seem to be working.
—Guest peter christmas

Slowly getting worse

I've had GERD for 7 months. Heartburn came on quickly and painfully. I controlled it with diet. Next the silent GERD flaired up and hasn't stopped. I feel worse each month and dread where I'll be a year from now.
—Guest runninggirl

I hate it.

I hate how when I get nervous or anxiety it gets worse to the point of throwing up acid. Don't really know why this happens then too. I hate the burping all the time. The nausea. And not being able to drink alcohol. My 19th birthday is coming up and if I am having a bad day I will throw up so quick. I am on tecta however I still belch all the time and sometimes get nauseous. I also have another problem with my stomach slipping up into my esophagus so throwing up is a higher chance. I hate it. Took me going to different doctors for years in order to figure this out.
—Guest MichaelaKaiii

chest pain

I was sound sleep when out from nowhere I was wakened by this painful, burning,striking pain between my breasts, could't breathe or move, also my left side of my neck,shoulder and arm were hurting.....Never had an experience like it....Thought I was having a heart attack...it lasted for 10 to 15 min....still feeling sore.... I'm concern and would like to know if anyone experienced.


Pain in my esophagus, feeling of something in my throat all of the time, sensitivity to cold and hot beverages, throwing up acid, spasms in my larynx that are painful and embarrassingly loud, dry heaving and cough
—Guest mike


nausea that strats early in the morning and lasts until early afrernoon,dont know how to remedy this situation!
—Guest frank

gerd/anxiety disorder

I can't decipher if my upper left side chest/muscle pain is gerd related or anxiety. I also notice it get worse when I've been typing all day long at work arms stretched out. Right now as I type this I have that intermittent pain. No trouble breathing etc its just painful and scary.
—Guest jason

Not Knowing

I thought I had my GERD under control, It's been about two months using a natural cure and pepcid ac. I use a wedge when I sleep and have drastically changed my diet, but I still have mucus in my throat and pressure in my ears. Today I had a belch in my throat that just would not go away and pain in my chest. I juice carrots, celery and cabbage but still have symptoms. I never know when it's going to be a bad day or a good day.
—Guest Carla

not knowing i was contributing to it

I have been diagnosed with silent reflux, a form of gerd. It is treated the same way as gerd, watching foods and elevating the bed, ppi's the whole bit. Before I got it I was an avid coffee drinker, frequent alcohol, many vitamins and not enough real food,,if I would have known I was contributing to this awful disease I would have not overdone it.
—Guest jm27

coughing and choking

The most annoying thing for me is the constant coughing and coughing up mucus. I don't go anywhere without a bag of cough drops. I have been on the max dose of nexium for 4 years now & its not getting any better.

all problem

I feel pain and burning in stomach. Ulcers in stomach and throat and on tongue. Tongue got thickened. Life very painful. I am on medication like pantoprazole, itopride domperidome etc
—Guest kcguptarewa


I have tried diet eating only food and drink to help (it did not work) so I eat what what ever I want and there is no difference. I sleep with a wedge and that helps by keeping my throat above my stomach but when I toss and turn and my throat becomes lower toward my stomach I wake up and have to readjust myself then I go back to sleep. I have used expensive pills and I did get some relief but not enough to warrant the small comfort they help. I guess that I just have to live with it. (so be it.)

GERD and palpitations

I just don't know if this is applicable to everyone here but I have confirmed with two of my friends with GERD that they encounter palpitations with their GERD. It's the most uncomfortable feeling.
—Guest fred0515

always on a pill

The worst thing is that I need to take my medicine (ppi) whenever I eat out at night or I want to enjoy my lunch with some wine. The good thing is that it works although I wonder whether it is safe to be on medication 5 days a week.

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