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Readers Respond: What is the Most Annoying Thing About Having GERD?

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Updated April 30, 2011

What is the most annoying thing about having GERD for you? For me, it is the food I have to avoid in order not to experience heartburn, some of which is food that I love. What has been your experience? What is your experience?

Which is worst

I've missed about a month of school now due to almost constant pain and nausea. A while before that I missed nearly two months. This makes me worry more and anxiety makes my symptoms worse. I really hate this and want to get this under control and I've tried everything. I'm not sure which part is worse; the pain, worry or missing out on things that regular people can do. It is VERY frustrating
—Guest Daniella

guest Manny

before this christmas came, i started throwing up due to not sleeping right and eating alot. Messing with my equilibrium ,could'nt keep anything down. I seeked prayer and it worked. After new years and since then i wake some mornings with really annoying dry heaves. I can't stand it. I feel if my days are not better than like today. I dont want to be around because i hate gerd and dont wish it on anyone. But in all honesty, it calms my soul to know that im not the only one out there experiencing this so thank you

the most annoying thing living with GERD

Not being able to eat food that hasn't been pulverised to a paste - or isn't liquid enough to swallow - having to live on food textures you would use when teaching a baby to eat solids!
—Guest zelma treyvellan


i hate the light headness..the weak feeling and tried all the time, waking up in the morning with that taste in your mouth.. anyone on statins..only i dont take them anymore..i was on them for over 3 month came off them but everyone i know who never had asid reflux before and now do after taking statins..
—Guest terry

acid reflux

I cant eat i i was 166 went to 146 my chest hurt ribs hurt head hurt thoart hurt i can even walk im so weak i hate gerd i feel like im choking
—Guest angela lee

2009 gastritis, 2013 GERD

I feel so bloated, I cannot lie down.. I was diagnosed with hiatal hernia. There's reflux. There's heart burn.. Back pain.. I'm taking Dexilant once a day. I need to avoid foods that I love. It affects me physically and psychologically.. It affects my work performance.. I'm just wondering why I frequently gets hungry? Is it part of having GERD? Ty
—Guest Jolly

GERD chest pain out of nowhere

Left side chest pain started 2 monthsvago after bejngbon protinix forbyears for Gerd. Ct scan confirmed inflammed espohagus.
—Guest melody

Most annoying thing

Is the burping, you try to be quiet about it, yet sometimes you just can't and you have to get it up or else you feel horrible
—Guest Fkohler

Just diagnosed last Thursday

This is miserable. I have extreme anxiety and hypochondria. It's making me go crazy. My throat, thankfully, is on the mend, but eating is painful, and I eat extremely bland foods. I wish I could go back to the way things were, but it's comforting to know I'm not alone.
—Guest SparrowArrow

i hate this!

I wish this would go away. I've been suffering since I was 22 now I'm thirty. My symptoms range from dizziness, all day nausea, chest pain and left arm pain. Now I'm on zantac 300 mg 1/day. Helping a bit but still feel yucky!
—Guest Hate Gerd

Gerd has been making me miss breakfast

Well, nearly every single morning I wake up then get ready for school and I will feel like if I eat anything I will throw up, I sometimes can put down a cup of applesauce or greek yogurt. This has really been hindering my performance, I'm trying to get bigger (muscle/size) but breakfast is a HUGE deal. And I miss it almost everyday... I also get really hungry about 2-3 hours after I wake up, making rather awkward stomach growling noises and have to wait until lunch time. I haven't had any luck researching in forums for an answer to solve my issue. So if by chance, someone knows a way to help this I'd appreciate and email. dakota.aslin@live.com
—Guest Dakota Aslin


I recently been having sharp chest pain going from my left side to the right side under my breast. I have very bad shortness of breath that very scary. Makes me feel like I'm going to faint or very dizzy. I went to a urgent care and was prescribed ranitidine and it doesn't work. I don't have any health insurance and can't afford to get really good doctor care supporting three kids alone. I hate Gerd and wish it would go away
—Guest Tasha


I have had gerd since I was 10 I had it for a whole year befor it went away but now I'm 15 and it's back. It sucks. It used to be just at night. Feeling like im gonna throw up but never actually doing it. Now it's in the morning and it sucks. I had to leave school today because it was so bad. My parents are pissed and i don't no what to do any more. It just sucks.
—Guest Jada


Never knowing what each day brings somedays ok others horrific hate the nausea sore ribs plus all the tests I'm going through its never ending I'm in so much discomfort my right ribs are very sore but all tests show my liver is great x 24 hr ph test next x my thoughts go out to you all x
—Guest donna

silent reflux

it started with post nasal drip inward. then the most herrific salty/metalic taste that brought me to a melt down.
—Guest carol

What is your experience?

What is the Most Annoying Thing About Having GERD?

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