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Reader Stories: What Made You Decide to Have Fundoplication Surgery?


Updated January 28, 2010

Did you have fundoplication surgery? You can share your experiences on why you considered this surgery, what the surgery was like, and your tips for others considering this surgery.

Why I had the surgery

I had read up about it and discussed it with gastroenterologists and surgeons. I had even watched videos and read horrible stories on the web from people where the surgery had gone wrong.I think I wa…More

So glad I had the surgery

My surgeon prepared me very well. No surprises. I am soooo glad I had the surgery!! No more swallowing problems, no more heartburn, no more getting up in the middle of the night with heartburn, I can…More

Fundoplication Surgery for a Hiatal Hernia

Surgeon was very thorough. He ran a manomety, upper GI (to determine size of hernia), gastric emptying, an endoscopy.He said the manometry test was the crucial test. It measures the pressures in the …More

Why I had the surgery

Big surprises, only good thing, was I lost a lot of weight, but could hardly eat for a long time, and it felt even worse after. The doc could have told me more about it, but it was a very in and out …More

Had to have the surgery

I was not prepared for the length of recovery time required for open surgery- the laproscopic method was not an option, in my case, as the hernia was too large- and the pain was excruciating; I have …More

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