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Share Your Story: Do You Have Barrett's Esophagus?

By Cindy morgans

Updated May 09, 2011

When Were You Diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus?

2 years ago

What Tests Were Used to Diagnose You?

Upper/lower gi

What Symptoms Prompted You to Go to Your Doctor?

I would get a burning sensation in my stomach. Then I would throw everything up

Living with Barrett's Esophagus

I have been in bed off n on for three days now. I can not even hold water down. I can tell that it is flared up n not letting thongs pass. I go back to dr tomorrow. I never know what triggers it. I cM go for days without it flaring up and then it hits. Funny thing! I am a 42 year old women. Never been overweight nor smoked. Have had an occasional drink.


  • Still learning all I do know it is very depressing and tiring. I just wish they could take that part out!!!
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