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Share Your Stories About Living with a Hiatal Hernia


Updated July 15, 2011

Living with a hiatal hernia can be challenging at times. Sometimes the challenge begins with the diagnosis. Many people who have a hiatal hernia never have any symptoms. For others, there are obvious symptoms. Maybe as you adjusted to having a hernia, you learned which changes in your life and diet brought you the most comfort. And then there is the telling of family members and perhaps even getting some unwanted medical advice. A few of these areas are covered below, all of which will give you an opportunity to share your stories and tips, and see what others have to say.

What Symptoms Led You to a Hiatal Hernia Diagnosis?

Many people never experience symptoms before they find out they have a hiatal hernia. Other people learn they have a hiatal hernia after they visit their doctor with chronic heartburn that isn't relieved with over-the-counter antacids.

When did you first suspect you may have a hiatal hernia? Were there symptoms that prompted you to go to your doctor? Let others know your experience. Sharing your symptoms could prompt someone else with similar symptoms to see a doctor.

How Do You Deal with Unwanted Medical Advice?

When you told your family and friends you were diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, you may have gotten some unwanted medical advice. Chances are your friends and family have no medical training, but they may feel the need to give you advice nonetheless. How do you handle unwanted medical advice?

What Annoys You the Most about Living with a Hiatal Hernia?

What is the most annoying thing about having a hiatal hernia? My mother had a hiatal hernia, and the pain she sometimes suffered after eating was her main complaint. What has been your experience?

What Do You Think Family and Friends Should Know About Hiatal Hernias?

People who have not had been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia may not understand what it is like living with one. You can share what you think others should know about the condition and how you go about explaining it to your family and friends.

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