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What are the Types of Fundoplication Surgery?


Updated November 29, 2007

Question: What are the Types of Fundoplication Surgery?

Two types of fundoplications can be performed. They are the laparoscopic fundoplication and the Open fundoplication.

Laparoscopic fundoplication
This type of fundoplication surgery is most often performed. This surgery involves making five small incisions in the abdomen. One is used for the laparoscope, and the other four are for instruments to do the operation. Recovery time is only a few days in the hospital. A patient also experiences less pain, and less complications (such as wound infection).

Laparoscopic fundoplication may not be appropriate for some patients. For example, laparoscopic fundoplication may be more difficult in patients who have had previous upper abdominal surgery.

"Open" fundoplication
This surgery requires a larger incision, 6 to 10 inches, in the abdomen or the chest. The recovery time for this procedure usually requires a week or longer stay in the hospital. A patient can also experience more pain, and there is a greater risk of complications (such as infection at the incision site).


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