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Avoid fatty foods to reduce and prevent acid reflux


Updated May 13, 2008

High-fat foods can increase acid secretion, decrease LES pressure, or slow down the emptying of the stomach.

Food Charts

Dining Out Guide For Heartburn Sufferers
Just as at home, eating certain foods in restaurants can trigger heartburn. There are methods you can use to use to limit acid reflux. Acid reflux sufferers need to make heartburn-friendly food choices, know how the food is prepared, select beverages and portion sizes that will prevent the acid reflux.

Keeping track of heartburn triggers
Heartburn / Acid Reflux Record
When you experience chronic acid reflux, heartburn, the first step to controlling your heartburn is to record what may trigger your acid reflux episodes, the severity of the acid reflux, how your body reacts, and what gives you relief.

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