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Forum Post: "Can PPI`s cause heartburn?"

By May 20, 2007

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"I was put on Prevacid almost 10 years ago for pain in the chest caused by Gerd. Seven months ago I began having burning mouth and noone knew what was causing it. They put me on Nexium. The burning mouth hasn't gone away and it's beem 2 months since the Nexium. I finally quit all PPI's. I have severe heartburn and the burning mouth is still here. I read where the PPI causes a person to lose all acid in the stomach and whenever you go off the drug, the acid returns with a vengence. Great!! I will go for a EDG on June 1 and I don't want to go back on drugs. I tried vinegar and honey, and baking soda. What to do now? These things didn't help me either. If anyone can tell me what to do, I'd be forever grateful."


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