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Sharon Gillson

Marcia's Story

By March 23, 2007

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"I am 55 years old and have just been diagnosed with acid reflux and hiatal hernia after an upper barium swallow. I use an inhaler for asthma and am a big coffee drinker for years, especially at night. Occasionally I eat salsa and taco sauce mix. I have had a bad habit in the past of eating late at night and wonder if others have noticed this problem occurred after doing the same habits as I have mentioned. I am on Prilosec OTC for 3 months because of this. I also have had diet sodas. I have had to cut way back on all of this, and really none is best!"

Points to Remember:
One of the first steps doctors usually recommend for patients who suffer from chronic heartburn is lifestyle modifications. This includes what foods we eat and don't eat. While foods aren't always a trigger for heartburn, the majority of patients do state eating certain foods is sure to cause heartburn. If you are not sure which foods trigger your heartburn, you can try keeping a record of what you eat, and any symptoms that may occur afterwards, for a week or two. If you've eaten several foods during a meal and don't know which one triggered your heartburn, you can re-introduce each food one at a time into your diet to determine which one is causing the heartburn. To help with meal planning, you can check out the list of most often safe foods for heartburn sufferers, and foods to avoid. You may also want to check out some heartburn-free menu suggestions. Also, some of our lifestyle habits can contribute to episodes of acid reflux. Making some lifestyle modifications can help in this area.


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